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Goodbye, Dairy: My Journey to Lactose Intolerance

It started around January, when my office moved to a new location and began offering fresh, raw, cold-pressed organic juices every morning. I thought it was maybe messing with my digestion, but surely the benefits of such a healthy juice would outweigh the frequent trips to the bathroom, bloating, gas and inexplicable tummy gurgles. But then I cut out the juice and the symptoms continued. They … Continue reading Goodbye, Dairy: My Journey to Lactose Intolerance


Geometric Air Plant Holders

  These minimalistic, geometric plant holders (a.k.a. Himmeli – a traditional Finnish ornament) have always caught my eye. So, rather than forking over $25-$40 (their going rate), I decided to try to make them. Turns out, they’re really easy! Read on to see how to make them for yourself. MATERIALS: 1/8th-inch brass tube (available at hobby stores) Sturdy thread or thin wire Scissors Wire cutters Pliers … Continue reading Geometric Air Plant Holders


Exploring My Neighbourhood

I used to call my area “No Man’s Land” when describing its location to friends. Situated between bustling Dundas Square and charming Leslieville, it has homeless shelters, addiction clinics and a somewhat sketchy park – not exactly an inviting destination. But that seems to be changing. With the construction of towering new condos, hundreds of people will be moving into the neighbourhood, and with that, new amenities to cater to them. It’s … Continue reading Exploring My Neighbourhood


Stocking Up On Beauty Staples

I recently had to replenish several of my beauty favourites. As someone who’ll try anything once and move on if it doesn’t work, these are some tried-and-true products I’ll happily repurchase again and again. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 I’ve used this since I began a skincare regimen and while I’ve occasionally deviated to other toners, (which follow cleansing and precede moisturizing), I’ve always returned to … Continue reading Stocking Up On Beauty Staples


A Collection of Whiskers

My apartment contains some odd or interesting things and I’m going to tell you about them. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to throw out my cat’s shed whiskers. They’re impressively long and thick and there’s something that just seems special about them. Go ahead, I’ll allow you to call me a crazy cat lady, but just this one time. I first found one of … Continue reading A Collection of Whiskers

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Allan Gardens Conservatory

When I need a breath of fresh air or a quiet refuge from the city, I head to the Allan Gardens Conservatory. Located northeast of downtown by Jarvis and Gerrard, you’ll never believe you’re so close to the heart of Toronto when you step inside. A spectacular glass dome “Palm House” is the focal point of this free public attraction that’s open year round from 10 am … Continue reading Allan Gardens Conservatory