Nail Extensions: To Gel or Not to Gel?

Do you know any girls with envy-inducing nails? While some people are blessed with long and strong natural nails, there’s a good chance they’re rocking nail extensions, like many celebrities on red carpets and reality shows. But aside from how polished nail extensions can make your hands look, they come at a cost. I’ve never had really great nails. They’re weak, bendy and usually break before they achieve … Continue reading Nail Extensions: To Gel or Not to Gel?

4 Reasons to Make New Year’s Resolutions in September

There’s something about September that feels more like the start of a fresh year than January. Maybe it’s the almost-instantaneous shift in weather as soon as the calendar flips, or the rush of students heading back to school. Whether it’s autumn leaves or something else, there’s definitely something in the air that makes me feel like September is a time for new beginnings. I had … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Make New Year’s Resolutions in September

Goodbye, Dairy: My Journey to Lactose Intolerance

It started around January, when my office moved to a new location and began offering fresh, raw, cold-pressed organic juices every morning. I thought it was maybe messing with my digestion, but surely the benefits of such a healthy juice would outweigh the frequent trips to the bathroom, bloating, gas and inexplicable tummy gurgles. But then I cut out the juice and the symptoms continued. They … Continue reading Goodbye, Dairy: My Journey to Lactose Intolerance

Geometric Air Plant Holders

These minimalistic, geometric plant holders (a.k.a. Himmeli – a traditional Finnish ornament) have always caught my eye. So, rather than forking over $25-$40 (their going rate), I decided to try to make them. Turns out, they’re really easy! Read on to see how to make them for yourself. MATERIALS: 1/8th-inch brass tube (available at hobby stores) Sturdy thread or thin wire Scissors Wire cutters Pliers Cord … Continue reading Geometric Air Plant Holders

Exploring My Neighbourhood

I used to call my area “No Man’s Land” when describing its location to friends. Situated between bustling Dundas Square and charming Leslieville, it has homeless shelters, addiction clinics and a somewhat sketchy park – not exactly an inviting destination. But that seems to be changing. With the construction of towering new condos, hundreds of people will be moving into the neighbourhood, and with that, new amenities to cater to them. It’s … Continue reading Exploring My Neighbourhood