Home Gardening

When you live in a small place in the city, chances are, you’re not going to have the luxury of an outdoor patio or garden area. I have a fire escape with a small landing but due to insatiable squirrels and ravenous raccoons, any plant I put out would surely be ripped apart by morning.

Plants aren’t much safer inside when a cat’s around.


So, what to do? Make use of the big windows that bring plenty of sunlight inside. Succulents, cacti and air plants have all become popular due to their ease of care and interesting shapes, and they can provide you with the opportunity to get creative with their potting.

Here’s how you can get started with your own home garden.

  1. Grab some non-clumping gravel, sand or pebbles from the reptile or fish section of a pet store.


Also get some potting soil. This was about $0.75 at Dollarama.


2. Find yourself a nice bowl. This one was in the flower pots aisle at Dollarama.


3. Get some succulents and air plants. You can usually buy these at plant boutiques, but I even found one of the air plants at Ikea.


Keep hydrated! Remember, gardeners always deserve a cold drink.


4. Okay, back to work. Fill the bowl about 1/4 full with potting soil. Mix in some sand or gravel for better drainage.


5. Make little holes in the dirt and gently pot your succulents, pushing dirt around their bases to make sure they’re secure. I used a chopstick to help push dirt around and off the leaves.


6. Add a layer of the gravel to the top of the soil and around the plants and throw in an air plant.


Et voilà! A beautiful, easy-to-maintain terrarium that makes a great centerpiece.


For air plants, which require no soil, you can just stick them in a little pot of sand.

Pot by Akai Ceramic Studio

What plants do you have in your home garden?

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