Scarborough Bluffs

Last Sunday, my friend Simone and I escaped Toronto to its quieter suburban sister, Scarborough.

We took the subway and transferred a couple busses to Guildwood Park, which contains remnants of historic Toronto buildings that were demolished, preserving architectural jewels that were otherwise destined to become pieces of rubble. You can also see the now-vacant Guild Inn, which acted as an artist sanctuary through the 20th century and closed in 2002. Peaceful and big enough to find a place with no one else in sight, Guildwood Park feels like a secret retreat. It’s a great place to explore and an incredible location for photos.

After exploring the ruins, we continued along a path and got our first glimpse of glittering Lake Ontario. It was tempting to dive right in.

Of course, we had to bring a picnic. It was a spread of crackers, cheese, strawberries, watermelon, grapes, a tomato/basil/feta/avocado salad, San Pellegrino and some cookies that warmed in the sun to taste like they were freshly baked.

We were entertained by a motorboat that got too close to shore and was pushed onto the sand by the waves. Helpful onlookers waded out to push it back out to deeper water.

At the Bluffs, some thrill-seekers were “living on the edge” by standing on the soft, sandlike formations. They didn’t care about the signs all over that said the bluffs could collapse at any time.

Have you been to Guildwood or the Bluffs?

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