Easy Avocado Toast

Every day should start with a great breakfast and this smashed avocado toast totally fits the bill. As delicious as it is healthy, this one’s also hard to mess up – even if you haven’t had your coffee yet.


1 slice multigrain toast

1/2 ripe avocado

Squeeze of lemon juice

1 pinch coarse sea salt

Roasted red pepper flakes


Cut your avocado in half. Save one half to use later. Like tomorrow morning, when you make this again, because you’re definitely going to.


Squeeze the flesh out of the skin onto the toast.DSCF1663

Smash with a fork until it’s spread evenly.DSCF1670

Squeeze some lemon juice on the avocado.DSCF1672

Sprinkle with salt and red pepper flakes.DSCF1677

Serve with a side of fruit.DSCF1678 (1)

Now you’re ready for a great day!DSCF1680

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