Stocking Up On Beauty Staples

I recently had to replenish several of my beauty favourites. As someone who’ll try anything once and move on if it doesn’t work, these are some tried-and-true products I’ll happily repurchase again and again.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3

I’ve used this since I began a skincare regimen and while I’ve occasionally deviated to other toners, (which follow cleansing and precede moisturizing), I’ve always returned to this. It wipes off dead skin and makeup even a Clarisonic can’t remove and leaves my skin smooth and ready for moisturizer and/or makeup application.

What I don’t love: Nothing. This is pretty great stuff.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

I have very funny friends and I cry when I laugh so I always wear waterproof mascara. The one snag is that it doesn’t come off too easily, meaning an eyelash or two will get tugged out in the process. A MAC makeup artist recommended this a few years ago and I no longer have the frequent opportunity to make wishes on my fallen eyelashes. Ah well.

But seriously, this makes makeup removal ridiculously easy, whether it’s lips, eyes or foundation and it foams up into a luxurious lather.

What I don’t love: 1) How it blurs my vision for a bit after I remove my eye makeup 2) The price

YSL Le Tient Encre de Peau Foundation

YSL Le Tient Encre de Peau

I’ve tried a vast amount of foundations in search of my “holy grail”, from Lancôme, Guerlain and Chanel to MAC, Make Up Forever, and Giorgio Armani but none of them checked all my boxes, (mattifying but not drying, long-lasting, medium coverage, non-oxidizing, a perfect colour match).

This summer, after poking around at Sephora looking for a new foundation to try, a beauty consultant recommended this one and even nailed the right colour on the first try. I took it home, thinking I’d find something I didn’t like about it (see list above) but nope, the search for my perfect foundation has stopped here. It has a beautiful texture, just the right amount of coverage, doesn’t oxidize, has a gorgeous matte finish and lasts all day.

What I don’t love: 1) The price and how quickly the bottle runs out (~2 months) 2) The “quill” applicator can be a little messy and doesn’t seem 100% hygienic

NARS Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer

NARS Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer

Quite simply, this moisturizer is a dream. It has a lovely light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin ready for foundation, without any need for a primer. Just because a product is “oil-free” doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop my skin from turning into an oil slick a few hours later, but this one really does a good job at keeping my skin hydrated but not oily.

What I don’t love: 1) The price, especially for the meager amount of product 2) The bulky packaging


Dessange Brass Colour Correcting Crème


Ok, so this isn’t a repeat purchase. It wasn’t even a purchase – it was a free, full-size sample I received waiting in line for a free pizza (yes, it was a very good day). But I’d actually been on the hunt for a highly-pigmented violet product to counteract the brassiness in my blonde, so it was just my luck that the product found me – and for free! I tried it that night and my blonde was a cooler hue than it was pre-shower. I used it again a couple days later and my hair was even brighter, plus it seems to do some conditioning as well, so this product may just end up on shopping list when I run out.

What beauty favourites have you remained faithful to?

6 thoughts on “Stocking Up On Beauty Staples

  1. I think I am definitely going to have to give that foundation a try because yours and my checklist seem pretty much the same! And the brass corrective cream is amazing! It works better on my hair than even the purple shampoos I have purchased from salons for $25 each. Such an amazing drugstore product!


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