Antique Bottle Collection

My apartment contains some odd or interesting things and I’m going to tell you about them.

One of the first things you see when you enter my apartment is a collection of old bottles in varying size and colour perched on a window ledge.


I didn’t pick these up on a whim from some antiques market. I passed a construction site every day on my walk to work and one day, I noticed a bunch of bottles gathered on a ledge, caked in dirt and full of roots. Very intrigued, I asked one of the construction workers about them, who said they’d found them during excavation and weren’t sure what they were gong to do with them. There was no objection when I expressed interest in taking them.

The bottles in 2012, fresh out of the ground.

I carefully toted the bottles home, let them sit out in the rain for a few days to do the preliminary cleaning, then put in some elbow grease to clean the mud off and get its earthy contents out. They cleaned up nicely. Well, maybe not these ones…


The construction workers speculated that the bottles may have been part of a former site tenant’s own collection, as they’re not just from one time period. For instance, there are a few generations of Coca-Cola bottles. I’ve received an offer or two for these collectable pieces but they’re staying with me.


My favourite bottle is an Imperial Soda Water Works bottle from Walsh & Co. on Richmond St. East. Apparently, this is the “bowling pin” style. I love the colour, iridescence (caused by being buried) and how it fits perfectly in my hand with its slightly warped shape.


And that’s how I unintentionally became an antique bottle collector, although, with my limited space, I have no plans on adding any more bottles.

What peculiar things do you like to collect?

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