A Not-So-Simple Thank You

On a few recent occasions, I’ve noticed people have gotten a little lazy when it comes to saying “thank you” and it’s made me wonder: has everyone misplaced their manners?


First, I threw my traditional holiday party – an event I enjoy hosting purely for the pleasure of facilitating a fun time for friends. But the next day, I received only a couple texts from guests telling me they had a good time. After spending a fair amount of time and money to prepare for it only to get such a small response, I’m not really encouraged to throw another party.

Secondly, I mailed a thoughtfully chosen package of gifts to a long-distance friend. I was looking forward to hearing what she thought of the specific gifts, as I couldn’t be there to see her open it in person. Instead, I got a quick and generic thank you on my Facebook wall – not even a private message or a text. I still don’t know what she thought of the things I’d handpicked for her.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.24.40 PMLastly, I brought a gift and card to a friend’s birthday party recently. There were lots of people arriving when I gave it to her, so it was basically just grabbed and set down on a table. The next day, there was no personal thank you: just a mass post to all the guests in the Facebook event page thanking people for coming and for the gifts. I’m not of the belief that a one-sized message fits all.

Back when more value was placed on etiquette, handwritten cards and phone calls were the standard. But now, a simple but personal text message is all you can ask – and it’s not much.

So, the next time someone makes a gesture that you know they put effort into, put a little effort back to thank them for it – it goes a long way.

What are your thoughts on thank-you’s? How do you like to thank someone? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “A Not-So-Simple Thank You

  1. You’re absolutely right. A little gesture of gratitude goes a long way. I’m sure I’m at fault for not always acknowledging thoughtful acts by others, but this post makes me not want to lose sight of that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. I am currently in the middle of a series on etiquette, with last week’s being correspondence/notes and this week’s gifts. Sadly the art of the thank-you note is going the way of the dinosaurs. As you point out, if nothing else it assures the giver that you did receive at, but hopefully your appreciation of the selection! I haven’t found a way to convey my hopes to people other than religiously send them. Wonderful post!

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    1. I think you’re so right – even if you don’t always receive a thank you, the best thing you can do is set a good example! And it’s nice to hear that etiquette is still being taught. How are you taking the series?


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