Geometric Air Plant Holders

These minimalistic, geometric plant holders (a.k.a. Himmeli – a traditional Finnish ornament) have always caught my eye. So, rather than forking over $25-$40 (their going rate), I decided to try to make them. Turns out, they’re really easy!

Read on to see how to make them for yourself.



  • 1/8th-inch brass tube (available at hobby stores)
  • Sturdy thread or thin wire
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Cord to hang the ornament (optional)
  • Air plant



1. Use the wire cutters to cut your brass tubing to the approximate size of ornament you want to make, gently working the tube back and forth until it comes apart.

I recommend starting with a few tubes, then cutting as you go to make sure they fit as the ornament takes shape.


2. Use the pliers to squeeze open the flattened end of the cut tube. This may take a few tries to get right. If you simply can’t get it back open, just cut the tube a bit shorter and try again.


3. Cut a generous length of thread/wire and feed it through three tubes, making the first side of your shape. Make sure everything feels tight, then tie a good double knot.


4. Use the long end of leftover thread to add two more tubes, tying it off tightly again. If you don’t have enough thread, tie on a new piece. You’ll see your piece taking shape and now you can measure and cut more tube.


5. Add your last tube and make sure everything feels secure. If you didn’t get a knot close enough, now’s a good time to fix it by cutting the thread and adding a new one.


6. Once your shape is done, cut off all the extra thread taking care not to cut too closely.


And that’s it! A beautiful ornamet to sit on a table or hang on your wall.


The shapes with a flat side hang easily from a nail.


You can also use a cord to attach to the top of the ornament.


The shape you make is up to you!


Happy crafting! And keep these in mind when you need a gift idea. I promise it’ll be a hit, especially if it comes with an air plant.

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