4 Reasons to Make New Year’s Resolutions in September

There’s something about September that feels more like the start of a fresh year than January. Maybe it’s the almost-instantaneous shift in weather as soon as the calendar flips, or the rush of students heading back to school. Whether it’s autumn leaves or something else, there’s definitely something in the air that makes me feel like September is a time for new beginnings.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 7.24.45 PM.png

I had a bit of a transformative summer. After a short but intense relationship ended suddenly, I didn’t get back to the online dating scene, and quickly realized that those apps were wasting a lot of time I should have been focusing on myself. I began giving attention to things I’d been putting off, getting back into activities I’d let slip, signing up to volunteer, and booking travel. It was exhilarating and made me feel more like myself than I had in a long time.

Not wanting to forget this feeling, I decided to write down some resolutions and immediately felt I was more likely to keep them than if I wrote them down in January. When January hits, I’ll be sure to check in with myself to see how I’m doing.

Here’s why making your resolutions in September is a smart idea:

1. There’s no time like the present

By September, most New Year resolutions are long-forgotten. It doesn’t make sense to wait a quarter of a year when you can take another stab when you’re feeling motivated. Why do you need to wait for a specific date to start improving on areas of your life?

2.You’re ready for action

After the lazy, carefree spirit of summer, you’re more motivated to hunker down and set your mind to things. Didn’t meet your bikini body goals? Well, now’s the time to set a new plan to get fit for the holiday party circuit. Did you go over budget? Patio season’s ending so you can start to conserve.

3. Good weather

It’s easier to want to go out and do things and make habits when the weather’s still good and there’s daylight in the evenings, like going to the gym or picking up an activity on the evening or weekend. When colder weather and shorter days hit, it’s easier to keep going once those routines are established.

4. Give yourself a head start

By January, you’ll have had a three month grace period to try to stick to your resolutions. When the New Year rolls around, you’ve already got a head start and can evaluate where you are with your resolutions. If something’s not working, you can try a new approach, making it more likely you’ll succeed with them.


What do you think about September resolutions?

What are some goals you have in regards to your health, career, relationships, activities or finances?


Photos: Unsplash

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