Pearl & Pine Wreath

Who’s up for some holiday crafting?


On a recent scroll through Instagram, I saw some gorgeous, minimalist wreaths made on an embroidery hoop. They were simple and stunning. I had to have one. But when I went back to see the photo again and find their source, it had disappeared. What was a girl to do? Make it herself, of course!

Then, when I was strolling along the row of fabric and bead stores along Queen West, I had the idea to forgo the traditional beads, bells and pinecones and use another unconventional element on the wreath: pearls! Best decision ever.


After some trial and error, (natural for an amateur wreath maker) I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Here are the simple steps to make your own, and it shouldn’t take more than half an hour.


What you need:

  • White pine bundle (available from market)
  • 10″ embroidery hoop
  • Beading pearls
  • Thick ribbon
  • Thin green wire on a spool
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors (for cutting pine branches)
  • Latex gloves (to prevent sap from getting on your hands)


First things first: put on those rubber gloves to prevent sticky fingers.

Then, tie the wire around the wooden hoop so it’s secure, then wrap it around a piece of the pine.


Add another piece of pine below the first and wrap it with wire.


Stop when you’ve covered about 1/4 of the hoop and repeat the process from the other side, working towards the stems of your first side.


When the stems meet, wrap securely, then cut the wire.


Thread a pearl on a piece of wire and work it between the pine needles so as not to bunch them together.


Twist off the wire at the back of the frame, cut off the excess, and repeat for each pearl.


So pretty, right? Ok, we’re almost done.


Finish with a pretty bow! You can make the ends as long or short as you want. But don’t ask me how to tie a perfect bow, because I don’t know.




What crafts are you excited to make this season?


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