Beauty Tools


If you think about skincare trends, you probably think about new miracle ingredients or trendy packaging. But there’s a new trend emerging on the scene, and it doesn’t come in a jar or a tube.

I’ve recently discovered the benefits of beauty tools and not only do they look pretty displayed on your bathroom shelf, but they also help me look my best. Here are my favourites, and how you can work them into your routine.

Facial Dry Brush


I use this soft, goat-hair brush in the morning on dry skin after washing my face, before applying other products. If you follow the prescribed pattern, it helps to drain your lymphatic system to reduce puffiness, flush out toxins and gently exfoliate. It’s also incredibly soothing and provides a moment for relaxation during my busy morning.

Body Dry Brush


This brush is a larger, slightly stiffer version of the facial brush and I use it in short strokes all over my body before I shower, always brushing in the direction of my heart.

Also stimulating for the lymphatic system, it’s used to exfoliate skin, remove toxins, improve digestion and I’ve even heard it can help treat cellulite and hyperpigmentation. I can’t say if that’s all true or not, but it feels amazing and makes my skin feel softer when I hop out of the shower.

Jade Roller


This lovely tool has been used by the Chinese for centuries, and for good reason. The cool sensation of jade helps to boost blood circulation, de-puff tired eyes and help serums get absorbed into the skin when it’s gently massaged across your face. I find it helps get rid of congestion (redness) if my skin’s a bit blotchy, and soothe my eyes if I didn’t catch enough ZZZ’s. So yeah, it’s pretty much the the perfect secret weapon against “hangover face”.

Hand Fan


I was given this tip by a skincare salesperson and thought it was a great idea. He recommends that after you spray on a hydrating mist or slather on a serum, fan your face to help accelerate drying time. Besides the wonderful cooling sensation, it makes me feel a little exotic, and that’s gotta count for something.

So, there you have it! Are you inspired to try any beauty tools? Are there any others you’ve tried? Let me know in the comments!

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