The Perfect Aperitif

When you’re having friends over for dinner, an aperitif is a welcoming way to get the good times flowing.  Traditionally served before dinner, an aperitif is typically dry (opposite of sweet),  made with ingredients like vermouth, sherry (fortified white wine) or a dry white wine. It’s supposed to stimulate the appetite, like a digestif is served after dinner to aid digestion, and it’s an easy … Continue reading The Perfect Aperitif

I Made the Patio of My Dreams

In the five years I’ve lived in my apartment, I’ve rearranged furniture, painted walls, installed shelves and rigged lighting to make the space feel like home. But there’s something I haven’t done yet that’s long overdue: turn my fire escape into a place I’d want to spend time. On a hot summer day, there’s just about nothing worse than being stuck inside with nowhere to … Continue reading I Made the Patio of My Dreams

My 5 Favourite Films Set in Italy

Here in Toronto, it’s supposed to feel like summer but as I write this, it’s dark, chilly and wet outside. Can you guess where I’d rather be? I’ve never been to Italy but it ranks highly on my “to-go” list. So when I get a little wanderlust on an evening like this, movies are a great way to be transported to a completely different world. Without further ado, here … Continue reading My 5 Favourite Films Set in Italy

Nail Extensions: To Gel or Not to Gel?

Do you know any girls with envy-inducing nails? While some people are blessed with long and strong natural nails, there’s a good chance they’re rocking nail extensions, like many celebrities on red carpets and reality shows. But aside from how polished nail extensions can make your hands look, they come at a cost. I’ve never had really great nails. They’re weak, bendy and usually break before they achieve … Continue reading Nail Extensions: To Gel or Not to Gel?