Exploring My Neighbourhood

I used to call my area “No Man’s Land” when describing its location to friends. Situated between bustling Dundas Square and charming Leslieville, it has homeless shelters, addiction clinics and a somewhat sketchy park – not exactly an inviting destination. But that seems to be changing. With the construction of towering new condos, hundreds of people will be moving into the neighbourhood, and with that, new amenities to cater to them. It’s … Continue reading Exploring My Neighbourhood

Allan Gardens Conservatory

When I need a breath of fresh air or a quiet refuge from the city, I head to the Allan Gardens Conservatory. Located northeast of downtown by Jarvis and Gerrard, you’ll never believe you’re so close to the heart of Toronto when you step inside. A spectacular glass dome “Palm House” is the focal point of this free public attraction that’s open year round from 10 am … Continue reading Allan Gardens Conservatory

Escape to Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is as sweet as it sounds. Right across the water from the Redpath Sugar Refinery, this little piece of heaven is my favourite place to go on a sunny day. Just at the foot of Lower Jarvis St. and close to the St. Lawrence Market, Sugar Beach couldn’t be an easier escape for downtown dwellers. Built on the surface of a former parking lot, this public urban … Continue reading Escape to Sugar Beach

My First Time at the CNE

Last weekend, some friends and I visited the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) at Exhibition Place. I’ve lived in Toronto for four years but had never been, so it was definitely time to experience “The Ex”. We spent the whole day and explored most of its grounds and while I had fun, I think I could wait another four years before returning. This huge event features live music, … Continue reading My First Time at the CNE

Corktown Common

Corktown Common, an 18-acre public park, opened in 2013 but was recently closed for an extended period due to its proximity to the Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village. It’s now reopened but the crowds haven’t returned yet. It felt like I had the park to myself, making it seem like I was far from the city. This little oasis is a sign the West Don Lands community is growing. When … Continue reading Corktown Common

Scarborough Bluffs

Last Sunday, my friend Simone and I escaped Toronto to its quieter suburban sister, Scarborough. We took the subway and transferred a couple busses to Guildwood Park, which contains remnants of historic Toronto buildings that were demolished, preserving architectural jewels that were otherwise destined to become pieces of rubble. You can also see the now-vacant Guild Inn, which acted as an artist sanctuary through the 20th century … Continue reading Scarborough Bluffs